Obstacle Training

Workout 1 – Weeks 1 & 2

Weeks 1 & 2


Perform this workout 3 days a week with at least a day of rest between sessions. Alternate exercises with the same number (1A and 1B, for example) until you complete all of the sets in that pairing. Perform 2 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions unless it’s marked differently. If you can, try to use active rest in between sets, or rest 60 seconds after each of the exercise pairings.

Day 1

Exercises Sets Reps
1 Bench Press 5 5
2A Dumbbell Goblet Squat to Overhead Press
2B Romanian Dead Lift, Bent over row, Shrug and Calf Raise combo
2 6-8
3A Dumbbell Punches
3B Lunge, Curl, Overhead Press
2 30 sec
4A Single Leg Deadlift
4B Dumbbell Bench Situp to Shoulder press
2 6-8
5 Bosu Ball Balance Medicine Ball Toss or Slam (1 leg if possible) 2 10-20
6 Medicine Ball Foot Toss 2 8-10
Finisher: Pushup to Pullup 1 25

Day 2

Exercises Sets Reps
1A Squats
1B Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Iron Cross on the last rep of each set
5 5 6-8
2A Dumbbell Side Lunge, One Leg Balance, Curl, Press
2B Plyo Bosu Push-ups
2 6-8
3A Weighted Dips
3B Weighted Pullups
2 30 sec
4A Swiss Ball Flies
4B Swiss Ball Dumbbell Close Grip Press (Put dumbbells next together)
4C Barbell Curl
2 6-8
5 Decline Medicine Ball Situps 2 15-20
6 Medicine Ball Catapults (No Partner? Do Kettleball or Dumbbell Swings) 2 8-10
Finisher: Military Burpees 1 25

Day 3

Exercises Sets Reps
1A Deadlift
1B Plate circuit – Front Raise, Curls, Tricep French Curls, each done one after the other.
5 5
2A Swiss Ball Dumbbell Chest Press – Normal Speed/Heavy Weight
2B Swiss Ball Dumbbell Chest Press – As Fast as You Can/Lighter Weight
2 6-8
3A Box Jumps
3B Barbell Shrugs
2 10
4A Incline Dumbbell Triceps Circuit
4B Dumbbell Lunge Snatches or Dumbbell Snatches
2 6-8
5 Leg Sweeps 2 8-10
6A Medicine Ball Chest Toss (No Partner? Do Plyo Pushups)
6B Med Ball Wood Chop Toss or Swings
1 20
Finisher: Run the Rack – Incremental Style 1 Until Failure