Obstacle Training


Pre-exhaust Training – Keeping It Fresh

When you’ve been regularly working out for a long time like I have, it is pretty easy to get stuck in a rut. Over time, unless you want to start going down the illegal route, your body is going to hit its natural limit on how much it can possibly lift. If you do the same routine […]

Rest Periods – Maximizing Your Workouts

If you go to a gym, we’ve all seen it or have been guilty of it. There are scores of folks that hang out at equipment talking with their buddies, staring off into the distance or watching the TVs – paying zero attention to how much rest they are taking in between sets. While I’m […]


Barbell Hang Clean to Squat to Overhead Press

All three of these exercises are great by themselves, but here we’ve combined them to really involve your entire body. Step 1 – Start out with the barbell in front of your thighs, using a pronated grip (palms facing down, or in this case behind you). Step 2 – Lower the weight a little while […]


Incline Dumbbell Triceps Circuit

Preform all exercises with dumbbells, on an incline bench. Step 1 -Scull crushers with palms facing the ceiling. Step 2 -Scull crushers with a hammer grip (palms facing each other). Step 3 -Dumbbell close grip bench: Put the dumbbells together/next to each other, in a hammer grip, and close grip bench press them.


Medicine Ball Foot Toss

The medicine ball foot toss is a fun one to do with a partner or bounce the ball off a wall if you’re alone. How it’s done: Step 1 – Standing, place a medicine ball between your feet. Step 2 – Squeeze the medicine ball between your feet, jump and swing both legs forward. Step […]


Dumbbell Bench Situp to Shoulder Press

This is a really cool combo, and all you’ll need is a bench, dumbbells and something to keep your feet from lifting off the ground.  You can either wrap them under the bench or place a heavy dumbbell in front of you feet and use that as an anchor. How it’s done: Step 1 – […]


Dumbbell Punches

Dumbbell punches are an incredible total body exercise. You’re working your core, your shoulders, and your back while getting in some cardio at the same time. How it’s done: Step 1 – Grab some dumbbells and stand upright with your feet shoulder-width and your knees slightly bent. If you’re a righty, bring your left leg […]

Goblet Squats

Goblet Squat to Overhead Press

Goblet squats are a great leg exercise but we thought we could kick it up a notch by adding a shoulder press to the end of each rep. How it’s done: Step 1 – Grab one dumbbell, cupping it with both hands in a way similar to holding a goblet of wine from the underside […]


Medicine Ball Archbishop

Archbishops are great for core stability, balance and total body strength. Here’s how to do it: Step 1 – Grab 3 – 5 medicine balls and place them in a semicircle on the floor. Get in the pushup position and place both hands on the farthest left medicine ball. Step 2 – Keeping your feet […]


Running the Rack – Incremental Style

Another great finisher, running the rack (today I’m talking about dumbbell arm curls, but you could do it with other exercises too).  Running the rack usually involves grabbing a heavy dumbbell, curl it until you’re burnt out or close to it, then trade it for a lighter dumbbell, do the same thing, and keep up […]