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Dumbbell Bench Situp to Shoulder Press

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by Andy No Comments

This is a really cool combo, and all you’ll need is a bench, dumbbells and something to keep your feet from lifting off the ground.  You can either wrap them under the bench or place a heavy dumbbell in front of you feet and use that as an anchor.

How it’s done:

Step 1 – Lay down on a flat bench, hold a pair of dumbbells as if you were about to do a chest press.

Step 2 – Begin doing a situp, and at the same time, press the dumbbells over your head.

Step 3 – Continue until your arms have fully extended over your head and your sitting up on the bench.

Step 4 – Return to your starting position by lowering your body slowly.

Mix it up

When returning to the starting position, try to keep your back from touching the bench by about an inch. This will put more stress on your core muscles. You can also try one arm at a time, or with both arms extended at all times, sort of like a turkish get-up.

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