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Running the Rack – Incremental Style

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Andy No Comments

Another great finisher, running the rack (today I’m talking about dumbbell arm curls, but you could do it with other exercises too).  Running the rack usually involves grabbing a heavy dumbbell, curl it until you’re burnt out or close to it, then trade it for a lighter dumbbell, do the same thing, and keep up that pattern all the way down your gym’s dumbbell rack until you reach a weight that is too light to be effective.

Our incremental style involves grabbing a weight that you can only curl once and incrementally adding reps as you decrease in weight. So for the first weight we’ll do one rep, second weight we’ll do two, thrid weight is three reps, etc. all the way down the line.  At the end you might end up doing 15 or more reps on the lightest weight.

If you want a little extra at the end, wrap a fitness rubber band around a post at about shoulder height, stand far enough away for a good resistance and curl that with both arms until you feel the burn. Hold the last rep as long as you can, and you’ll start to see the sweat really pour out.

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